Offering Any Support I Can for Students

My name is Tracey Brunner. I am a Program Coordinator in the Office of Diversity Education and Support Services (ODESS). I think that one of the best things that Tompkins Cortland does is support and care about students. I know this personally. I had some health problems in High School and missed a lot of school. I received no support of any kind from my teachers or guidance counselor. I was left to figure things out on my own. When I got to Tompkins Cortland I had several faculty and staff members reach out and support me. They believed in me and gave me the encouragement and support I needed to believe in myself. Years later I became a staff member at Tompkins Cortland and have been able to do the same thing for students. I offer my support in any way they need it, my door is always open. Some students need help academically or socially and some just need to know there is someone there that is always willing to listen. Many of our students have never had the encouragement and belief in them that they could attain their goals. You would think that there is no better feeling than to see those students walk across the stage and receive their hard earned diplomas but when they reach out months or even years later to thank you for your support or even share their dream of working at TC3 or in higher education, to help student themselves, you know you have the best job in the world.